Millennial’s : Are You In A Different World ?


Purpose of this Post – Awareness about how unlimited choices is impacting us.

Outcome of this Post – Being mindful of little happiness of Life.

Back Story Old Days:

You must have heard this in your life someone saying…he is in his own world…You are in your own world…

Why do you think people say that?

How thinking about this can change your life.

I will tell you how…

I was born in 1981 in a lower middle-class family, while I was growing up there was no mobile phones, not everyone had a television, only people who can afford can have a landline phone. I grew with gadgets like Atari for playing games which I use to hire, had Sony Walkman for music that’s it.

You meet with your friends on a pre-decided time at a pre-decided place and everyone shows up on time. You visit your friends home and it was just normal.

If you want to talk to your relatives over distance or another country, you go to a place where out of station calls can be made and you are charges on per minute basis. I remember standing in queue for hours because there were very few phones and so many people had to call their relatives.

If you want to send a message to your relative, you have to use letter and send it through a Post Office, that letter will reach your relative in days or months…but when you would receive any letter it was just magic reading.

Current Situation:

Fast Forward to today….

We have so many gadgets and technology has evolved and made people closer.

You have Smart television for entertainment and its become so affordable for everyone.

There are smartphones for everyone so that even games can be played on those.

There is email and wats app for communication, so you don’t have to wait.

You can just pick up a phone and call anyone across any county to talk without any charges.

Impact on our Lives:

What we have lost…

The magical feeling when you received a letter from someone.

Meeting your friends and socializing as now people are always engaged on their mobile phone.

Persistence & Patience which was so natural to you because there was no means back then.

Hard work.

These are the reasons you hear more often people saying “Are you in a different word”.

You are all the time on phone and the apps like Tik Tok is not helping but doing the worst of reducing our attention span, you lose focus as its so easy to maneuver the app and stop only on the videos you like, this is having adverse impact on the millennials who have not seen the period which I spoke about.

In middle of all this noise around the world you have isolated yourself and closed all the doors of being a social animal which has a negative impact on your relations with people. And there are so many negative impacts due to so much of information around. Unfortunately, kids today are going through this.

Morale of this Story:

Now its on all of us to be mindful of this fact and raise our kids where you are able to have a meaningful relation and bond with them.

– kiran mendekar.

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