My Journey from College to Work .

Fresh out of school ,Like everyone I wanted a good college life,wanted to enjoy it, but very soon in my life I realised that I cant have that life for a long period , I decided that I will do correspondence studies

after 2 years of junior college,as planned I passed 12th in 1999 & enrolled for correspondence studies for my graduation.

Benefits of correspondence studies –

You get a lot of free time for yourselves as you just have to go & sit for the exams without attending lectures.

You can work part time or full time jobs & earn yourselves some money to enjoy life.

You dont have to study all year long.

Forgot to mention the reason I wanted to do correspondence is in my college I saw professors teaching students right from the Guide books & not anything from their experiences, I got fed up & I was mature enough to realise that that kind of studies I can do on my own, & I did & passed Graduation by securing 1st class [ 64 % ] which was very good for anyone who did not attend classes regularly.

After the results when I saw lot of my friends who were in regular colleges & were studing throught the year for the graduation, most of them failed & some got less marks than me.

I had to think why I fared better than most of my friends , & I got my answers in no time.

I had nothing to lose as I did not study throught the year.

Most of the friends were nervous writing the paper as they thought they will forget the answers when the question comes in front of them.

I had more experience in real life situations ,beacause I had some work experience from doing full time jobs.

I just read the topic & tried to understand what the author says without mugging up all the answers like my friends did.

When I saw the questions , answers just came naturally to me.

I knew that even if I fail , I was having enough experience for the job which will give me more money than the fresh graduate jobs.

I was fearless at the time of exams.

Now I earn more than my friends who had gone to college full time , but yes I still regret that I did not enjoy college completely , but you have to pay the price for everything , I had to pay the price of full time college to earn more.

Experience made me more mature than my other friends ,which helps me in my day to day life in making decisions for my work & my personal life.

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