My Mentor -Mr Jehangir Nagree

Jehangir Nagree
Jehangir Nagree

He has always been a source of great inspiration for me. Just watching him work was a pleasure. He had an eye for detail and never accepted anything which was not perfect, initially I use to think why is he being so perfect even for small thing which was not important, but  over a period of time you realize what he meant. I had heard from people of the days when the living room was started, he worked very hard in very difficult circumstances to make the living room a brand which is respected by millions of people around the country, the days when no customer use to come in the store for weeks he had seen those days and kept his patience and drove the living room co.

All the staff use to get intimidated by him but I was never afraid as I did my work perfectly and always took responsibility, my business was very good and I had a good rapo with the staff.

You learn so much by talking with him.

One quality which i admire of him is he always took advice from people junior to him.

In my 6 years, he never yelled at me if I did any mistake.

He always gave me good opportunities like opening Pune Showroom.

He also gave me an opportunity to present the contest winner with his prize and take a snap with him for the photo which was going to come in the newspaper. My Mom was very proud when she saw my picture in the newspaper. I was on the cloud for that day.

Worst day of my life –

The day i had to tell Jehangir sir that I was leaving The Living Room for abroad offer was a big challenge for me and the worst day of my life. It was very difficult for me I was in tremendous stress that day.

What I did that time was not right from the living rooms perspective as the store in Pune was going through bad patch from low business and problems from the landlords, Jehangir sir was banking on me, he never expected that I will leave the company, what I did wrong was not giving him enough time for replacement, I still regret it and if I were to go back in time and do that thing all over again, this time I will give him enough time.

In Pune, it was like a dream job for anyone as you can play with your ideas as no one senior is around you and Jehangir sir gave me enough freedom to do things differently. But I thought to myself that I can do more than what I was doing and you have only one life so I had to take a stand to leave the living room, it was not easy I can tell you that, I had good salary,Jehangir sir had given me a two bedroom flat for myself, gave me a bike ,I had it all.

One big reason I had to leave Pune was also that riding bike in Pune had given me some serious back troubles. In Pune you cannot do without a bike.

I made one mistake that I should have asked Jehangir sir for a transfer to Mumbai back ,but I dint.

In life you make lots of mistake, but I have made it a point to learn from them and not repeat them, this wrong decisions which we make gives us experience .plus I don’t like a simple life, I like struggle in life, without tension there is no fun that is the way believe in spending my life.

If you see my profile I have always taken the road which is less traveled, like quitting a good call center job which was paying good money for a low salary job in living room, like going to Pune as a Store manager when others were not going there and quitting the living room job which was paying me good and freedom for a job in Bahrain for 2 years contract which I have to stay away from the family.

This decision has made me more and more experienced which helps me in my daily decision making in personal and professional life.

The other Director Shakeera Nagree – She is an extremely creative person, her ideas are unconventional which people take time to understand. She always thinks ahead of time.

I admire for the way she carries herself & her style.

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