Movies can change lives, don’t think so,ha.

Well i am crazy about movies; it is not just the source of entertainment for me it is beyond that.

My life is shaped because of movies.

From the time i was a kid, movies to me was always before everything. it used to lift my spirit instantly when I was down. Over a period of time the love for movies has only grown.

Well initially I use to just watch movies for spending my time and nothing more.

This movie Rocky change my complete perception of watching and have come to realize that movies can actually change lives.

During those days we just had 5 channels , H.B.O,and Star Movies, Rocky use to be repeated on HBO several times in a month, it was my summer vacations, when I saw the movie the first time i enjoyed the action, second time same  feeling,  third time again same feeling but the fourth time ,I felt the life of rocky real, by that time I had become the part of his life started feeling his pain, his tensions in life, his way of fighting all that and his way of fighting all the negativity.

See when you feel the character is real than you think if in those difficult circumstances that character can fight and come on top than anyone can. it Inspires you in your real life.

Watching movies is not my addiction, but I pick movies to help in my real life, like i pick action movies to see the pain the actor goes through and I make myself strong in real life pick an inspiration movie to fight the world professionally, you can learn about proper planning prevents poor performance if you watch any sports based movies.

I watch comedies to relieve the stress I have in my personal and professional life and laugh my heart out and ease the tension.

Normally I don’t watch horror movies cause it takes you in the unreal world and gives you stress besides I am scared.

And what I like the most is the movies which are made differently like I am a big fan of directors like Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorcesse, Sergie Leione ,Brain de palma, when you see this peoples movies you can immediately make out who is the director, their way of filming the movie is awesome, narration is excellent, I love this directors is because they do magic to the movies ,

I have around 1200 titles on my hard disk & around 500 DVD s, if i start talking about the titles the list will not end ,so i will be posting my top favorites under the Movies subcategory [ Movies you must see before die ] ,with some trailers or a short clips .watch the clips & buy a DVD and enjoy, in the meanwhile i will find a way how i can share my movies with you all.

Please check my list of must watch movies before you die under Movie category.

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