How Infinite choice is creating huge demand.

Infinite Choice
Infinite Choice

How infinite choice is creating huge demand.

I was born in 1981, i still remember the little pleasures of life like waiting for a T.V serial like Mahabharat or Ramayan on a Sunday, Going to the cinema halls to watch movies which use to change every friday and with shows like matinee Р12am, 1st show Р3 to 6pm, 2nd show Р6 to 9pm, and night show 9 to 12 pm, these were the only show timings in all the theaters ,it was very easy to know which movie is getting screened in which theater,you just take any newspaper and see which movie is where and can plan your timing ,it was also fun standing in the long queues for the tickets, era of postman which is completely  vanished now ,i still remember how we use to wait for the postman to bring letters from our village and use to ask him if there is any letter for us.era of trunkcalls where we use to go in the std booths for making budgeted calls to our village,

Contrast to those days now , its a complete domination of world wide web.

You get everything in there, you want to see tv serials you get to choose from innumerable sites or you can download it and watch it later, you need movies – there are lot of free sites available where you can download dvd clarity movies.

I miss those uniformed postman very much , emails have changed the way messages are sent, mobile phones are so cheap you can call anywhere anytime without thinking any budget.

The world wide web has made the world become smaller and closer place.

This new era has created unlimited demand with unlimited choice to customers.

Earlier there were huge no of customers buying single items ,number of transactions buying single or one items were huge like the movies in cinemas use to run for 25 to 100 weeks which we use to call silver or golden jubliee as compared to now where the average movie run only for 6 to 10 weeks. The economy was huge even then and it is huge even now,only difference is that per ticket transaction was much cheaper then and it is expensive now. Everything is become expensive now as everyone wants to cover their costs, its only fair.

I feel blessed that i was born at the right time as i have seen the era before the www and this era. in old times you could enjoy the little pleasures which doesnt happen now ,now the life is become more stressful ,more complicated like you never know now which movie is running in which theater on which time,like earlier you use to go with the normal timimgs in the theater like 12 to 6 to 9 to 12.

I forgot to mention the days when all my friends in my area use to come out on the road on every sunday for playing cricket,it was like a tradition to play cricket. But now noone is interested in playing cricket as people are busy in earning money.Nowadays as there is so much choice available to us on the internet its difficult to choose what you want.

I am lucky to have seen those days.

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