Back to School
Back to School

Today I was talking to my very close friend Radha Krishan Kurup, he is married with a kid .he may be married guy but is a teenager at heart.

He was just telling me his schedule for the day ,like what he was doing & all ,he told me something that I could not help but  had to go back in my old memories when I was in school, he was telling me about her daughters first day in school after 2 months summer vacation.

All over my country school reopens on the 13th June after 2 months of summer vacations.

On my first day as all my friends , I would be sad as the vacations were over, the fun was over ,and again the teachers torture was about to start it was the worst day of the student ,but after couple of days it was fun, as even going to school was fun.

I would like to remember the names involved in my school times like my teachers & mates.

My School. –  Lokmanya Vidhya Mandir, Mahim ,Mumbai ,India.

I would like to remember my School teachers first as whatever i am due to them.





My Schoolmates.

Sachin Pawar

Pratil Mhardolkar

Sachin Patil

Sandeep Bhambak

Ranjit Chavan

Tarvinder Saggu

Sumit Gupta


Vijay Jain

Bharat Jain

Nitin Jain

Rajesh Kandu

Shirish Pednekar

Arjun Naik


Nilesh Vaity

Rupesh Masalkar

Eknath Yadav

Ramdas Athavale

Amar Jhadhav

Charanjit Singh

Vinod Karande

Jitesh Kore

Jairaj Surve

Sonal Devang

Gulshan Shaikh

Bharti Jain

Namrata Sakhrudkar



Jaswinder Kaur









Please forgive me if I miss anyone’s name.

I can still feel the morning of my school time, like my mom use to wake me up at 6am, and with half eyes open I use to go in the bathroom for brushing my teeth and wash my face and have a glass of hot Boost with Milk, then use to get ready. I don’t remember how was i as a kid going to school, my mom use to say, i was nice and very quiet to go for school, never made any noise.

The obsession for chocolates and ice cream was awesome, how you use to be self-centered when it came to chocolates,i use to love chocolates very much and never liked anyone asking from me.

In school i became very naughty from std 5 when my friendship started with Pratik,Ranjith and Tarvinder ,we use to call him sardar. in our group we considered ourself senior than anyone else even with our seniors ,the reason is we were not individuals anymore we were a group,use to do everything together that is the reason everyone were scared of us, as  a group we started smoking together very early in life when I was just 12 years old in my 6th std, now I really can’t believe that i started smoking as a 12 year old which continued in 2 years i was a chain smoker smoking 2 packets per day , but leave aside those vices i never took studies for granted i was always good in studies,i use to just study 1 month before exams and pass with good marks.

Now i don’t smoke and drink,its been 3 years i left everything, i never regret that i started the vices in such young age because now i see my friend wasting lots of time in smoking and drinking [ this is not for my friends in mumbai]  and i utilize this time in self development like reading books and writing blogs ,and i have more energy to do jobs, I can  continue working for 18 hrs without feeling fatigued, unless ofcoure i am doing something which i love.

When you were a kid everything was so new and fresh like the smell of wet sand during first day of rain, the smell of books, the smell of plastic schoolbag, the days when you use to get wet and sit on the school bench drying yourselves under the fan.

I wish those innocent school days should come back and i can relieve altogether.

Your innocent anger ,your jealousy you getting intimidated by school teachers all those days should come back.

I remember as i use to study only during the exams and use to copy from chits on which answers were written.

I miss all.

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