Every person should read this wisdom’s of Warren Buffet , It may be related to his business of buying & selling companies ,but the morals can be taken & used in our personal & professional life’s also, there are total 125 Wisdom’s ,I am writing 1 every other day.

You cant make a good deal with a bad person.
You cant make a good deal with a bad person.

You cant make a good deal with a bad person.

A bad person is a bad person,and a bad person will never make you a good deal.

The world is filled with enough good and honest people that doing business with the dishonest ones is pure foolishness.If you even have to ask yourselves the questions “Do i trust this person?”you should immediately leave the negotiating table and look for more honesh company with whom to do business.You don’t want to doubt that your parachute will open when you are about to jump out of a plane,and you dont want to doubt the integrity of the person with whom you are about to jump into business.If you cant trust them now,you wont be able to trust them later,so why trust them at all?

Warren had this lesson driven home when he was sitting on the board of directors of Salomon Brothers.Against Warrens advise,Salomons investment bankers continued to do business with Robert Maxwell,whose finances where so precarious that his nickname was the Bouncing Czech.After Maxwells untimely demise,Salmon found itself in a big mess trying to recover its money.

The rule is simple: People with Integrity are predisposed to perform;people without integrity are predisposed not to perform.It is best not to get the two confused.

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