Markets are becoming more compeitive?

Competition research
Competition research

Markets are becoming more competitive today than ever before .partly because of global competition and partly because reaction times are quicker than the product life cycles. No market is safe from competition.

New competitors will be pulled into new markets by customers looking for better deals.the internet is accelerating competition as the traditional geographical boundaries disappear into the new cyber world. The new market space where competitors from anywhere in the world compete for growing percentage of customers who buy through the internet.

Every business wants to increase their sales, the way of achieving this by finding new customers which belongs to other competitors previously.

May be somebody,somewhere your competitor is analysing and targeting your customers. They are difficult to find.Competition can attack organisation sales ,market shares or profit directly or indirectly. A market oriented organisation continually seeks to understand customers,competitors,long-term trends  through research.

A real market oriented organisation spends time studying customers competitors and market trends.All employees become marketing oriented.they are encouraged to develop long-lasting relationships that help to retain customers for life and to protect them from competitive temptation.

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