Excellent Video on Mouth Publicity.!! Must Watch !!

When is your business profitable , when your expenses & liabilities are low right ?

To get the customers in the store all the retailers spend lots & lots of money right ?

After spending lots of money in advertisement , we get new customers ,those new customers when recommend it to their friends & family’s & the business generated from their friends & families doesn’t require any advertisement right ?

Every retailer gets loads of business with this kind of clients without any advertisement costs.

So , What kind of experience does the sales person gives the customer which will prompt them to recommend the product and service to their friends & families.

As an example check this video of ” When Harry Met Sally ” out – [ If anyone finds it offensive , my sincere apologies , but when i saw this movie yesterday night ,i thought about posting it with customer service experience ]

At the end – Check the old woman saying ” I’ll have what she is having” , See how she is influenced by Sally.

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