catholic marries - for life.
catholic marries - for life.

You should invest like a catholic marries – for life.

Warren knows that if you view the investment decisions from the perspective that you will never be able to undo it,you wouldnt jump into a marriage without doing your research(dating.) and discussing it with your advisers(your pals at the pub) and thinking long and hard about it…… Would you? Nor should you jump into an investement without knowing a lot about the company and making sure you understand it. But it is the life part that really makes the money.Consider this : In 1973 Warren invested  $11 million in the Washington post company,and he remains married to this investement even to this day ,and over the thirty years he has held on to it,it has grown to be worth $1.5 billion. The conviction to stay the course can bring heavenly rewards,as long as you have chosen the right one to begin with.

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