Generous Friend Gave Exceptional Tip On Customer Service.

Me & Liyakat
Me & Liyakat
Laptop Table.
Laptop Table.

Today i would like to share something about my co-worker Liyakat Ali Balbale [ Maintainence Manager & A Skilled Carpenter & also an AC  Technician ]

I have a habit of Downloading Movies from the net on a daily basis, so couple of days back I happen to tell my friends in the office where even Liyakat was present that my laptop is getting too hot due to excessive downloads .He heard it & made one beautiful & most of all a practical table which solved my problem, without even telling me ,he inserted a fan which sucked the hottness & releases in the air which you can see in the above image. He did this out of love & respect  for me without expecting anything in return.

The point here ,I would like to bring out is ,this small gesture was a good deed from him to me.

If I told him,he would have made it anyways like i tell him to do some things & he do it. He did this on is own without me knowing it, this may not be a big deal for him but this gesture will stay in my mind for a lifetime ,whenever the topic of laptop will arise in the future wherever i am ,i will always remember him for that small gesture. From his point of view ,he did not do anything amazing ,he may not even remember this instance in future but i will remember it.

Customer Service Point: My point was how many of the salespeople  are doing such a good deed to a customer so that the customer will remember you for a lifetime & he will comeback to do business with you every time he wants to buy something which you are selling. If you generate this kind of clients ,it will rocket your business like anything , you don’t have to spend a bomb for advertising as this customers will do mouth publicity & the power of mouth publicity is huge which you cant even imagine as to generate new clients you need advertising costs which will be saved.

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