Why You Should Hate The Color Beige

The Problem With The Color Beige

The brief “two-page” chapter (written by John Mason) relates the color beige to living a ”neutral” and “defensive” life; the chapter goes on to state that ”People who live defensively never rise above being average.”

What does the color beige mean to me?

Here’s my take on the color beige.

Beige is an “average” color; it’s not too bright, not too dark, it never offends, it blends in with almost anything, and therein lies the problem.

The color is just too average, and I don’t like to be associated with the mundane.

Why shouldn’t you like the color beige?

Beige represents the “status quo,” it represents limits, it represents lack.  You are capable of producing much more than a “beige life,” and if you’re capable of producing more, then that’s exactly what you should do.

Take the limits off!


I don’t like average things!  I despise average-ness so deeply that I’ve written a poem about it:

I Don’t Want to Be Average

I don’t want to live in an average house
I don’t want to be married to an average spouse
I don’t want to drive an average car
It’s not my preference to dine in a bar
I desire clothes that don’t come off the rack
I don’t believe in lack
I want my body to impress
I will have the very best

You were created to be unique, and to possess the best, so never conform! You don’t have to be average, you don’t have to have an average haircut, drive an average car, live in an average home, be 20 pounds overweight like the average American, or do work that you despise like all of your friends.

But, before you can get to the point where you rid your life of average-ness, there’s one critical step that you must take.  There’s one decision you have left to make, you must decide that your least favorite color is beige.  You must renounce the color!  Get mad at the color, nothing happens until you get angry.

Declare: “I’m not going to be average; when people look at me they’ll think the best, because I wear the best, drive the best, live in the best, groom like the best, talk like the best, and act like the best; I deserve the best!”  If not you, then who?

Average-ness is Taught

Most people have been taught to be “average,” and that average-ness goes on to display itself throughout their entire life.  Average-ness cannot be contained!  You cannot play with average-ness without it overtaking you.  The scripture asked the question, “Can a man take hot coals in his lap and not be burned?”

In Closing

Remember that you deserve the best that life has to offer; the best food, the best kids, the best spouse, the best career, simply the best!  If you believe that, …then you will shed off average-ness today, you will join the “We Don’t Like Beige Club,” and your life will never ever be the same!

By Mr. Self Development on May 21, 2010,Visit this site for motivation.

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