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Invincible Apple: 10 Lessons From the Coolest Company Anywhere

By: Farhad ManjooJuly 1, 2010

147 Apple Nation 1
Everyone wants to be like Steve Jobs and his powerhouse company. It’s not as easy as it looks.

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  • Lab tests: Why Consumer Reports can’t recommend the iPhone 4.

Every new Apple product has some kind of defects but still people buy it like crazy, What is the magic dont know , may be its the product itself which is magic. Its way ahead of everyone.

Moral is they made a product which to a layman is not possible.

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  • 50 Smart Tech People.

Smartest CEO: Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple

Smartest Designer: Jonathan Ive, Senior VP of Industrial Design, Apple

Smartest Founder: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook

Smartest Engineer: Christophe Bisciglia, Co-Founder, Cloudera

Smartest Investor: Jim Breyer, Accel Partners

Smartest Executive: Todd Bradley, EVP, HP Personal Systems Group

Smartest Academic: Danah Boyd, Social Media Researcher, Microsoft Research

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  • Science: Interview With a Robot:

What is this, whats happening , Just watch iRobot of Will smiths , it might just happen, Be Ready.

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