Festivals in World.

Here is the interesting topics of holidays and festivals of all over the world.  There are different festivals of the world where Thailand observes Thai new year, Indians play holi and Kumbh mela, Bolivians keep skulls of relatives at home, etc.  Check out this different collection after the jump …


Thailand celebrating the Thai New Year.


Women enjoying Pancake on Tuesday in Belarus.

APTOPIX India Festival

Holy festival called the festival of colors in India

Spain Fallas Festival

Festival of large dolls made of papier-mache Falla in Spain.

Spain Fallas Festival

Burning cowl festival in Spain

FestivalsOfTheWorld 6 thumb1 Different Festivals Of All Over The World

Kumbh mela in Indai, taking bath in the Ganges


Sumo Wrestler throws bags of beans and beans a day Setsubun, is that those who catch the package will receive good luck for the whole year.


Thaipusam festival, which marks the day when the goddess Parvati gave him a god Murugan, in Malasia


During Taypusama festival believers fast and organize mass piercings.


Up Helly Aa festival celebrated in connection with the emergence of the Scandinavian Vikings in the Shetland Islands


Brigade Commander oversees the remains of the dying ship.


Jumping on people personifies the devil, taking away sins and sickness during the Corpus Christi – Catholic feast of Corpus Christi.


A girl who takes part in the annual Wave-Gothic festival


Local Sports in Gloucestershire, England. Competitors climb to the top of a steep hill Coopers Hill and try to catch a wheel of cheese Double Gloucester.


Festival of marine mud. For the first time this festival about two million people expected to visit.


The newcomers to the summing up of the competition for the 50th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash UFO in New Mexico.


UFO Museum in Roswell.


Tens of thousands of participants come from different countries to participate in the battle, “weapons” which are the tomatoes.


Indian priests perform a ritual call rain titled “Varuna Yajna”.


People taking part in Hudak Festival in Japan.


Festival of monkeys in Lopburi.


Festival of monkeys in Lopburi.  There is the worship of the god Rama.


Bolivia has one of the most terrible and wonderful holiday – the Day of the Dead

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