What is Nanotechnology? What applications can it be used for?

Nanotechnology (sometimes shortened to “nanotech”) is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. The earliest, widespread description of nanotechnology referred to the particular technological goal of precisely manipulating atoms and molecules for fabrication of macroscale products, also now referred to as molecular nanotechnology.

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How BIG is TATA? (They Own Jaguar) | ColdFusion

Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It was founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata and gained international recognition after purchasing several global companies. It is one of India’s largest conglomerates. In 2014-15, the revenue of Tata companies, taken together, was $108.78 billion.[2] These companies collectively employ over 600,000 people.[2]Each Tata company or enterprise operates independently under the guidance and supervision of its own board of directors and shareholders.

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