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90% of the startups fail !!

10% of the startups succeed. There is a good reason why it does …that is ” they know how to recover ” this picture i took last night which made me to write this post.

Infinite options to customers have made it so difficult for new startups new businesses to survive. Gone are the days of monopolistic markets…

Only who realise a simple thing which is get the customer in your zone will survive . Only those who try harder will get respect from customers. Only those who make an effort will get benefits. Only those..

Last night while going to my office party i spotted this Jollibee mascot ( Its a fast food chain from philipines like Mcdonalds ) bang opposite Mc Donalds ,Pizza hut , KFC ,Burgerking ,Papajohns.. waving to everyone who is passing by …it definately caught my attention. If i was not going to this party i would have definately checked their food out. Being a weekend on this busy food street was not so busy..Big names were getting their regular customers ..this Restaurant was trying hard to survive among big giants…and trust me they had more customers than Kfc ,Mcdonalds combined. GoodJob !!

Not only in hospitality any business ..only those who make an effort and only those who work harder will go a long way.

IKEA – Website-within-a-Website

The Swedish furniture giant built the first website-within-a-website on the social network because of course they did.

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Salesmanship Lessons From Donald Trump

By Mark Stevens   |   June 17, 2010In his bestselling book The Art of the Deal,

Donald Trump provided a unique perspective on constructing and negotiating business transactions. But as much as we know Trump as a deal-maker extraordinaire, his greatest skill is his salesmanship.

Think of The Donald as a salesman on steroids. And in this lesser-recognized role, Trump practices the art of the thrill.

Want to know what I mean by this and what we can learn from it for our own salesmanship?

Consider the following:

Never do things for your customers and prospects in a small way. Make it big and important or don’t do it at all. I can assure you that when Trump takes a banker out to lunch to discuss a construction loan, he takes him out for a feast. He’s not out to save money on the meal; he’s determined to make money

from it.

Now think of your own mental gymnastics when you invite a prospect out to dine. Chances are you think through the options, searching for a nice enough place but affordable.

Affordable?! If you’ve set aside $100 for dinner and drinks, push it to $200. If the prospect is big enough, consider $300 or even $500. Is it extravagant? Yes, but you’re out to practice the art of the thrill. No one will remember another run-of-the-mill dinner, but an over-the-top feast will make you the thrill-maker they remember.

Everyone likes to do business

with a winner. No matter what stage of your career, you need to look like you’ve made it. That means wearing a suit that will impress. As a universal rule, make it your business to be the best-dressed in the room. If you lack the fashion sense, a premier store will be more than happy to assign a knowledgeable salesperson to assist you.

And if you’re thinking of the budget thing again, forget it. Put it this way; a smashing, well-tailored suit will last you for years. Allocate the upfront cost over dozens or possibly hundreds of business meetings and the investment becomes a mere pittance. Remember that your goal is not to save money; it’s to make the sale–leave the penny pinching to others.

Bring your ego with you in full bloom. It’s not enough to look successful; you need to act it as well. This demonstrates that you are also one of the smartest people in the room.

Again, take a page from Trump. Sure, he can be garish and way over the top, but no way is he going to check his ego at the door. Neither should you. So find a way to bring up your most significant achievements, tell an intriguing story and talk up your travels, discoveries and epiphanies.

The timid and the small thinkers will talk sports and weather. They will pale in comparison to the bold winners who regale their prospects and customers with compelling ideas and stories.

I’ll never forget the afternoon I spent with legendary Washington attorney and presidential advisor Clark Clifford. He didn’t just “meet” with me; he held court in a walnut-paneled office, wore a suit fit for a monarch and fascinated me with vividly colored stories that thrilled as much as educated and entertained. He established himself as one of the most important people in a town filled with big egos and left the impression that when it came to lawyers in the nation’s capital, there could be only one choice.

This is the challenge and the opportunity before you–to make certain that of all the salespeople your customers and prospects come in contact with, you are the one indelibly imprinted on their brains. You don’t sell. You thrill.

Mark Stevens is the CEO of MSCO , a results-driven management and marketing firm, and the bestselling author of Your Marketing Sucks and God Is a Salesman . He is also a popular media commentator on a host of business matters including marketing, branding, management and sales. He is also the author of the popular marketing blog, Unconventional Thinking .

Generous Friend Gave Exceptional Tip On Customer Service.

Me & Liyakat
Me & Liyakat
Laptop Table.
Laptop Table.

Today i would like to share something about my co-worker Liyakat Ali Balbale [ Maintainence Manager & A Skilled Carpenter & also an AC  Technician ]

I have a habit of Downloading Movies from the net on a daily basis, so couple of days back I happen to tell my friends in the office where even Liyakat was present that my laptop is getting too hot due to excessive downloads .He heard it & made one beautiful & most of all a practical table which solved my problem, without even telling me ,he inserted a fan which sucked the hottness & releases in the air which you can see in the above image. He did this out of love & respect  for me without expecting anything in return.

The point here ,I would like to bring out is ,this small gesture was a good deed from him to me.

If I told him,he would have made it anyways like i tell him to do some things & he do it. He did this on is own without me knowing it, this may not be a big deal for him but this gesture will stay in my mind for a lifetime ,whenever the topic of laptop will arise in the future wherever i am ,i will always remember him for that small gesture. From his point of view ,he did not do anything amazing ,he may not even remember this instance in future but i will remember it.

Customer Service Point: My point was how many of the salespeople  are doing such a good deed to a customer so that the customer will remember you for a lifetime & he will comeback to do business with you every time he wants to buy something which you are selling. If you generate this kind of clients ,it will rocket your business like anything , you don’t have to spend a bomb for advertising as this customers will do mouth publicity & the power of mouth publicity is huge which you cant even imagine as to generate new clients you need advertising costs which will be saved.

Exceed Customers Expectations !

Exceed Customers Expectations !
Exceed Customers Expectations !

Reap the rewards of customer loyalty by proving you’re reliable and dependable.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people choose to do business with a particular person or business because there’s an assurance they’ll get what they expect, when they expect it, the way they expect it.

And yet thousands of businesses lose at least one customer every day because they did not live up to the reasonable expectations of their clientele in terms of reliability, responsibility or dependability.

The sad truth is, many businesses (and people) have made a habit of being:

Maybe they forgot, maybe they get a better offer or opportunity, maybe they just can’t get their act together–the bottom line is, whatever you wanted didn’t get done.

People will tell you they’ll have something completed by a certain time or date even though they know they know they can’t deliver. That’s because they believe (often with good reason) that you’ll take your business elsewhere if they tell you the truth. Somehow telling you “yes” now and facing the music later feels more comfortable.

Often, people are embarrassed to admit they don’t understand what you want because they’re afraid they’ll look stupid. They are uncomfortable calling back when they realize they forgot to call earlier because they’re afraid they’ll look like they weren’t paying sufficient attention to the account or aren’t on the ball.

Many businesses lowball a price in order to appear competitive, and then make up for it with hidden charges. Or they provide an inferior product or service and declare you’ll have to pay more if you want what you thought you were getting in the first place. And then there are those who refuse to complete the service or hand over the product until you pay more than originally agreed on.

Where does that leave the customer? In dire straits. It’s bad enough if the customer is purchasing the product or service for himself. But if it’s a component of a product or service for that customer’s client

, it could easily cost the customer that client, other monetary damages and the company’s reputation.

Reliability in Action
When someone needs something done by a set date, or a service performed in a specific manner, he’s seeking someone who can provide that service with certainty. Many companies have built their reputation by providing that certainty for customers.

Reliability: FedEx realized it could corner the market by promising to get your letter to its destination overnight, without fail. The company created an entire niche that never existed before.

Dependability: A major attraction of all fast-food chains, aside from fast service, is that you can depend on the food tasting the same, no matter where in the country you happen to be.

Responsibility: A big selling point for many pest control businesses is that if you see another bug within a designated period of time, they’ll come back and take care of it for free; in other words, they take responsibility for the quality of their work.