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This Drop Of Water On Your Plate Is Actually A Tasty Cake

water-cake-japan-mizu-shingen-moshi-coverimageJapanese cuisine never ceases to amaze, and this cake is no exception. Although it looks like a giant drop of water, it is actually a form of rise cake, or Shingen Moshi. This cake is called Mizu because it has a water base. The water comes from the Japanese Alps and the cake has a very delicate texture.

The cake is made with agar, a common analog to gelatin in Asian cuisine, which makes the cake melt in your mouth. It looks like it might pop if you poke it with a needle, but it can actually be eaten with a spoon!  You better be quick eating it, however, because it melts away like ice and dissolves into sweet water after 30 minutes.

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24 Inspirational Quotes From Gordon Ramsay To Get You Through The Day

If the world is getting you down, just remember the words of Gordon Ramsay.

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When someone betrays your trust: