The Crumbling Walls of Ta Nei Temple

Janaline's world journey

Ta Nei TempleWe found Ta Nei Temple

Ta Nei TempleThe crumbling Ta Nei Temple

Veering of the usual tourist path my mom and I entered the jungle in search of Ta nei temple which is known for its fallen and crumbling walls. To get there my mom and I had to walk along a dirt path for about 1km from the Victory Gate of Angkor Thom until we reached the ‘French Dam.’ This ‘ French Dam’ is actually a holy reservoir dedicated to the Buddha and not very big but we were so glad that we actually found it and didn’t get lost in the dense forest. We crossed the dam and after another 200 meters through the forest we reached Ta Nei Temple.

Ta Nei TempleI just love the fallen walls of Ta Nei Temple

Ta Nei TempleThe walls surrounding Ta Nei Temple

What a beautiful sight! We were greeted by fallen blocks and trees covering what…

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